Password policy 🔗

Crunch policy for acceptable passwords:

  • It must be 8 characters or longer
  • It must contain at least 1 uppercase letter
  • It must contain at least 1 lowercase letter
  • It must contain at least 1 special character
  • It must contain at least 1 number

Admin accounts require passwords that are 12 characters or longer.

We highly recommend that users use long pass phrases instead of passwords for security and for ease of remembering the credentials for accessing the service. This is why if the password is longer than 20 characters only two of the following are required:

  • At least 1 uppercase letter
  • At least 1 lowercase letter
  • At least 1 special character
  • At least 1 number


  • Secure 8 character password: 4B3a8f4$
  • Secure passphrase: correct horse battery staple

Commonly used passwords, even if they meet other requirements, are also forbidden.