Accounts πŸ”—

Accounts provide an organization-level scope for customers. All Users belong to one and only one Account. Account managers can administer their various users and entities and have visibility on them.

Permissions πŸ”—

A user is an β€œaccount manager” if their account_permissions have admin_account set to True.

Account entity πŸ”—

The account entity is available on the API root following the Shoji views.account path, which will point to the authenticated user’s account.

If the account has a name, it will be available here, as well as the path to the account’s users.

Branding configuration for the account is also exposed here, through the palette and logo attributes.

If the authenticated user is an account manager, the response will include paths to these additional catalogs:

  • Account projects
  • Account teams
  • Account datasets

Account users πŸ”—

Provides a catalog of all the users that belong to this account. Any account member can GET, but only account managers can POST/PATCH on it.


See API Reference - Create account user.