Progress 🔗

Progress resources provide information about the current state of a long-running server process in Crunch. Some requests at certain endpoints may return 202 status containing a progress URL in the body, at which one can monitor the progress of the request that was accepted and not yet completed.


GET /progress/{id}/ HTTP/1.1

    "element": "shoji:view",
    "self": "https:/{id}/",
    "value": {
        "progress": 22,
        "message": "exported 2 variables"

GET on a Progress view returns a Shoji View containing information about the status of the indicated process. The “progress” attribute contains a integer between -1 and 100. Positive progress values indicate that the job is being processed, while a negative value indicates that an error occurred in processing. Zero entails that the job has not been started, while 100 indicated completion. Additionally, if the id from the request URL does not exist, GET will nevertheless return 200 status and indicate "progress": 100.

Optionally, the View will provide a message regarding current status.

You must be authenticated to GET this resource.