Sources 🔗

A source is a file that can be ingested by Crunch, either to define a dataset or to add data to it (or both). When used in an import operation, the file becomes the source for part or all of a dataset. Sources is not a general-purpose file-store; it is intended only for files used for Crunch imports.

An uploaded file is registered as a source for a particular dataset when it is used in an import operation. Once a source has been “registered” as part of an import, it cannot be deleted unless the target dataset has been deleted.

Each source belongs to a specific user. A sources catalog response will contain only those sources belonging to the requesting user and a newly added source will be assigned to the requesting user. Sources are unordered.

Access to sources is limited to users with create_datasets permissions.

See API Reference - List data sources.

See API Reference - Upload data to Crunch.

See API Reference - Data source details.