Datasets πŸ”—

A Dataset is the primary container of statistical data in Crunch. Each dataset contains a collection of variables, from which analyses can be composed and then saved and exported. These analyses may include filters, which a user can define and save. A user can also share a dataset with another user.

Data is added to a dataset as a batch. A new dataset may be created empty (have zero data batches), or dataset creation and adding the first data batch may be combined in certain import operations. In either case, additional batches can be appended to datasets. Similarly, variables from other datasets can be joined onto a dataset.

As with other Crunch objects, references to the dataset entities available to a user are provided in a catalog. Multiple endpoint-methods described below return a dataset catalog, which may be filtered and/or organized in a hiearchy, depending on the method.

See API Reference - Create dataset.

Other catalogs πŸ”—

In addition to /datasets/, there are a few other catalogs of datasets in the API:

Entity πŸ”—