Variable Folders πŸ”—

In order to organize a large number of variables in a dataset, Crunch provides a hierarchical structure to group variables called β€œFolders”.

Basic concepts πŸ”—

Variables are in one and only one folder at all times.

There are a number of system folders that exist with every dataset created. These system folders cannot be renamed, moved, or deleted.

  • Root folder: The root folder is the top level folder where all other subfolders will be created by dataset editors. All the variables and subfolders here will be publicly accessible for all users with access to the dataset.
  • Hidden folder: This folder is a parallel top level folder separate from the root folder, which allows dataset editors to hide variables out of the public Root folder. β€œHiddenness” is about display concerns, not authorization rules. API clients choose not to display hidden variables to users with view-only access, though they may use hidden variables in queries and may use filters and other assets derived from hidden variables.
  • Secure folder: Like the hidden folder, the secure folder is a special top-level folder. Secure variables are not shown in any form to users with view-only access to a dataset, and it is not possible for viewers to make queries with secure variables or access filters or other assets that reference secure variables.

Moving folders and variables πŸ”—

See API Reference - Move elements to root folder.

Folders parents structure πŸ”—

See API Reference - Folder parents.